Have I been an advocate & educator for a more healthy lifestyle free of toxic junk for almost 4 years? Yup!

Does that mean I am living a “perfect” healthy lifestyle? No way! 

I use essential oils to support my systems.

I also color my hair and get balayage done.

I drink Ningxia every day.

I also can crush a heaping pile of nachos.

I take supplements and homeopathic nosodes.

I also freaking love sushi & anything with fried buffalo chicken.

I use natural makeup, skincare, hair products, and toothpaste.

I also enjoy getting spray tans.

Find your own happiness! Yes, I love the lifestyle that I have adopted and I am not perfect or 100% chemical-free. And guess what?! That’s okay! Progress over Perfection always!

A majority of my life is free of toxins because I believe in our products and just feel better in all aspects of my life. 

I desire to feel JOY to live my best life! You don’t need mine or anyone else’s permission!